I rely on simple, yet effective strategies that bridge the gap between frustrated owners and confused dogs.  My goal is to educate clients about how their dog learns, what motivates them, and how to make training fun.  After all, you deserve to have a great relationship with your dog!  Private training in the comfort of your home allows for a distraction free learning environment for both dog and owner.  

When working with clients, I encourage the use of positive reinforcement and choice based learning to accomplish training goals.  As one of 3,088 Certified Professional Dog Trainers worldwide, I can help with everything from raising, training, and socializing a puppy to more complicated behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety.  Whether you would like to teach your dog new habits or change old oneś, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  


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Private training

Private sessions in your home or neighborhood.  This level of service not only affords owners convenience, but also allows for efficient training of pet specific issues as they happen in their natural environment.  One-on-one sessions tailored specifically for you and your dog sets everyone up for success.  Explaining the how and why´s from the dog´s point of view will help you communicate in a way the dog understands naturally.  I rely on the latest scientifically proven methods to guide each client toward their training goal and achieving a special bond with their dog.  I would like to show you how to have fun with your dogs, and empower them to show you how brilliant they can be!  

Puppy training 101

I just LOVE puppies!  Watching a puppy grow and learn in his new environment is very rewarding for me.  My comprehensive puppy plan incorporates dog psychology and positive choice based learning to effectively achieve quick long lasting results.  This method honors a puppies natural instincts while building mutual trust and appreciation.  We will cover all aspects of puppy life during our time together.  Some examples include: crate training, sleeping quarters, environmental enrichment, potty training, socializing, basic commands, and handling.   Whether you are just starting to think about adding a puppy to your family or already have a new addition, I would love to help you enjoy every moment of puppyhood!  


behavior modification

Behavior modification refers to any problem behavior you wish to resolve.  Some are simply common dog behaviors that you do not care for so fixing them is largely a matter of training an acceptable alternative behavior.  A few examples of common unwanted dog behaviors are: jumping, nipping and mouthing, begging, barking, chewing inappropriate items, and counter surfing. 

Other behavior problems require an in-depth understanding of dog psychology and potential causes of abberant behavior.  These problems can stem from genetic pre dispositions, lack of early socialization, trauma, medical conditions etc.  Some examples include: separation anxiety, dog-dog aggression, fear/anxiety towards people, or other environmental cues, leash reactivity, fence fighting, and resource guarding.  Behavior modification programs will provide specific instruction and exercises to extinguish unwanted behaviors. 

Children, Babies, and pups, oh my!

Kids will be kids and dogs will be dogs, however, establishing some ground rules for successfully living together is crucial.  And, knowing what to teach your children about appropriate dog play is key.  There are many simple ways to create a loving relationship between your children and dogs.  Finally, providing education to children and adults about the important subtle cues dogs give when they are uncomfortable in a situation that can often lead to a bite is standard when working with families with children. 

Molly has been a lifesaver for our family! She gave us the tools we desperately needed to survive our new rambunctious rescue dog, Cyrus. We still can´t believe what a difference her training has had made in such a short time.
— Courtney Kellogg


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